EV charging port installed at Treworgey

Re-Charge your electric car whilst you recharge and relax at Treworgey Manor Coach House Cottages

We now have a 7kw fast charger EV Charging port installed. It’s located in the main courtyard, so easily accessible for all 4 properties. It works via a key fob, rather than an app, the fobs will be provided to guests once requested. There is a flat fee charge of £20 per EV charge.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.




Holidays in Cornwall

Welcome back to Treworgey Manor – Coach House Cottages

We are really looking forward to welcoming guests back to Treworgey Manor Holiday Cottages this summer. Fortunately we have lots of glorious space here so although various sanitising stations have been added and a few decorative cushions removed, changes to your relaxing stay will be minimal. Please read through the attached notice about all Covid-19 precautions and then book your cottage and look forward to a well-deserved holiday in Cornwall.


Treworgey Manor in full eco-friendly bloom

Owners Jim and Debbie Walker at Treworgey Manor have made additional steps to show their care of the environment by planting fields of eco-friendly Chicory and Clover, attracting even more wildlife to their surrounding fields. The sight of a colourful pheasant parading the well maintained Treworgey grounds is a regular sight around the 4 holiday cottages, plus the usual breeds of birds to observe in Cornwall,  however with this year’s planting of Chicory (blue daisy) is likely to attract a whole new range of wildlife by the increasing the numbers of bumblebees, butterflies and other birds and small mammals.

It’s so important to care about the conservation of our countryside, so being able to plant wild flowers and therefore avoid using any pesticides is a commendable positive step to ensure the future of bees (and our ecosystems). Therefore, when you next stay at one of the Coach House Cottages you will be able to literally reap the rewards of all their planting efforts. We will keep you posted on sightings of interesting or unusual fauna over the next few months.

Treworgey Manor is going green!

We’re excited to announce that we have installed a state-of-the-art biomass wood chip heating system at Treworgey Manor. The new system is piping heat into the manor house and all of the holiday cottages, keeping our guests warm and ensuring a significant reduction in our carbon footprint.

The works are complete so next time you stay with us you can be assured of a green holiday and warm welcome.